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Far Cry 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


it’s still v1.8 how does it work for you ?


I don’t know because before it said Version 1.09 was the one needed but ever since Infinity turned into Wemod a couple of days ago , it all works. First it allows me to join the game without error and then all the options work in cluding health. I just stand there while Peggies’ bullets bounce off my chest like Superman. Just verify the game files,launch it without Wemod and then launch using Wemod. Do this every time!


Does it work on cracked verison,beacuse if it is uplay says put activation code when i start the game?


No it doesn’t




Can sunbeam update the trainer to 1.9 so its compatible with lobbies


We will never support co-op or multiplayer. Sunbeam has nothing to do with this besides making the EAC bypass.


New trainer works perfectly and I’ve found no need to verify files afterward. Especially good job! Anyway to make a new one for Ghost Recon Wildlands(same kinds of problems) as the competition(I’ll leave them nameless) have made a working trainer for the latest version of GRW(single player) yesterday. Yes it works.



And what ?


I get: far Cry 5 requires special file patching…We were unable to patch your game. Any help?


Has there been a game update recently and did you purchase it on UPLAY or Steam?


Yes they added New Game+. Chris, I don’t understand. Isn’t version guard which I have on supposed to guard against updates breaking the trainer. How do you use Version Guard?? And yes another damn update. Thanks in advance.


This game is technically an uplay game even if purchased through steam and Version Guard can only be used for steam games. I will let stinger know about the update though so he can get this fixed as soon as possible.


Thanks Chris. Yes I purchased it through steam and it now says Version 1.09 installed and trainer freezes to a black screen after the splash screen before the menu. And like you said Version Guard doesn’t work with this Steam/Uplay game. BTW it says 10GB under Version Guard. Is it using that much space?


I ran into an issue. Had to reinstall Far Cry 5 on Steam. I would click on Play and got an error “file locked”. I uninstalled Version Guard and then was able to play.


I bought it on a third party site, which gave a a code for UPlay, and yesterday the DLC Dead Living Zombies launched.


Can someone explain to me in detail how I make the trainer work with the changing files thing and stuff?


Just press play, it will do the patching for you.


The Far Cry 5 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!