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Far Cry 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


It starts and then and then it quits before even gaming has started :frowning: And that is after testing it without wemod and then starting it through wemod.


All the trainers seem to work anyway but many of my games are not showing their updated versions number even though they are Steam and auto. kept up to date.


The trainer works fine in and of itself when playing.
The issue i am having is when i want to play the next time after using the trainer.
It keeps quiting game launch due to a wrong version of the EasyAntiCheat engine.
This seem to be because the trainer does not reset the files that it alters when launching.

Any ideas?


Ya verify the files in steam. Usually works.


Close WeMod before exiting the game.


Thank you! I was doing it the other way around :slight_smile: Had to verify and repair everytime i wanted to play. it was a hasle!


Yeah the problem still persists. The WeMod app can’t launch the game and i have to verify, repair and instal directx etc. each time. But well, i guess thats the price :slight_smile:


So, it’s not working. According to WeMod I’m running Game Version 1.10 and despite there is a Trainer Version for Game Version 1.10 it doesn’t work. Please Fix this. It’s annoying. Was working earlier and now since it’s Updated to 1.10 (Without me knowing) it’s not working.


1.10 has been the version for several weeks now so if it worked earlier it should work now. Verify your files, start the game then exit, launch through WeMod.


WeMod says for far cry 5 latest game version 1.07. There are no trainers for your game version 1.10

EDIT: I did exactly what you said and its working great im always used to the trainers not working if its a different version. Works great now.


I was wondering when Far Cry 5 trainer was going to get updated to the 1.11 version because it has not been updated since 1.07


There is a 1.10 trainer. Not sure why it isn’t listed as the default.


hello, Uplay not found :frowning:


Hey there, just wondering why I’m not seeing a Uplay option for the game? It was there a while ago, why isn’t it there now?


Does this trainer come with an automatic EAC bypass, or do I have to do it myself?


Yes it comes with the EAC bypass.


Doesnt work anymore =O
WeMod Says:
“We`re having trouble starting or finding your opened game”


Wondering this myself dude. I’m sure there was an Uplay tab there a few weeks back…


Hey Chris, just wondering if the Uplay version was removed? @STiNGERR maybe you could clarify? Will the Uplay version be back up any time soon?


There was never a Uplay version. He has the game on steam so it was made for steam but it still works for Uplay. You need to select the exe manually.