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Far Cry 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Hello, master.

My preferences:

  1. Unlimited Ammo
    I prefer not to write to the buffer (memory) numbers such as 99 or 999 , but to ‘freeze’ the real number of ammo up to the full volume of weapon clip.
  2. Unlimited Clip Ammo
    Only for weapons with clips.
  3. Unlimited Perks
    Use the perks cumulative system… that is, “freeze” the received perks and sum them up.
  4. Add feature - Unlocks Health 3 and 4 and Weapon slot 4 perk at any point in the game
  5. Add feature - Unlimited Life of Boomer and other animals. Animals can be injured for a long time, but they do not die.

Best Regards,


Got tonnes of trouble with it, when I start the game, it wont start with uplay, got errors after error, that it cant synchronize achievements or whatever, doesn`t work at all…

Even If I try every record in the book, disable EAC, reinstall, file checker etc…

Now even the game won`t start…

So uplay is the one causing the problems for sure…


I beat the game it’s Easy first Liberate the first area, the Do part of the Neighboring areas saving the one at the top for last also recuit the female archer she’s really good and unlike the others she can survive alot better


hi one or more of the options seem to cause the bliss bullets to stop working… i couldn’t locate the culprit tough.


I never had Bliss bullets i just ran away and mowed them down


I have a problem i can’t start the game, every time i try to start: “We’re having trouble loading the cheats into your game. Try restarting the game, or pressing Help for more info.” on Dec 11 every thing just worked fine but now nothing. I tried everything: Restart pc, re-install game and wemod, i closed my Anti-Virus before starting Wemod.
I downloaded the game from ubisoft but it worked yesterday (dec 11)


But borderlands 2 is still working. Please help!


can anyone say why far cry 5 has not more uplay? i mean the cheats are only on steam aviable…


It works for both.


could you please add instant cool down of helpers? thanks!


Actually the rod still works, you usually just need to look up at an angle and tap the button.
Also I think ghost mode causes the game to freeze in Hour of Darkness.


so it keep saying “we’re having trouble loading the cheats into your game. try restarting the game, or pressing help for more info”
i cant make it work can anyone help me make it work ?
i dont have any mods i just reinstaled the game


I have this too. “We were unable to load the cheats into your game”, etc. Press Help for more info, but that button does nothing.
I have disabled all malware and virusscanners and ran Steam and WeMod as Administrator. Whatever I try, no luck. And nobody seems to acknowledge this problem.



So a couple things, make sure you’re logged into uPlay already and that your game is up to date, this trainer has to replace the Easy Anti Cheat file to make sure the cheats aren’t blocked. I just tested the trainer and it is working fine still :slightly_smiling_face:


still dont work for me. the .exe is farcry5.exe inside the bin folder or it s another one ?


I have started Steam (and checked local files, have the latest version, disabled scanners and the lot), but FC5 only logs into uPlay when starting the game. Do I need to start anything else before using WeMod to start FC5?


Make sure uplay is already open so doesn’t have to login, aside from that, there’s nothing else to be done :slightly_smiling_face:


i have everythings updated uplay lunched and it still doesnt work for me.
i even run uplay, wemod, and farcry as admin.


It still doesn’t work… Tomorrow I’ll try de- and reinstalling everything. I am an IT guy and I have no clue as of why this doesn’t work. It just stopped working two weeks ago.
Btw: when I open Uplay it logs in. Does nothing. FC5 starts quicker, but WeMod still cannot inject the cheats. It creats a .bak file for EAC which is the same size as the original (701KB), yet still it gives me the error. Very weird…


For a while had to verify the files in steam and that would work. Not sure about now