Far Cry 5 not valid

Can’t get my Far Cry 5 recognised as when I drag the icon it says ’ the game you picked isn’t a valid installation of Far Cry 5’ it’s the same when I try to select the folder. When I click ‘help’ on the same Invalid game pop up nothing happens

Select the base game folder.

It still says invalid game for some reason

Start the game first , back out to desktop hit play in infinity after game starts. That usually works

Just tried that but the option to play is not there just game not found ‘fix’

Is the game from steam or uplay ?

Did you buy the game?

The key is installed directly on Uplay, please don’t suggest I have an illegal copy, here is a pic showing the game on my Ubisoft account who I’m sure would quickly discover if i had an illegal key (which came from a well known retailer in the UK)

No one is suggesting anything. You are not selecting the base game if it keeps telling you it is invalid.

Try this:

Click the down arrow when you hover over the game in your Uplay Library, go to ‘View Game details’ > scroll down on the left navigation panel > click on ‘Properties’.

Then it should show you were the actual game installation is. Just make sure you are going in the correct directories when installing it to Infinity.

Hope that helps.

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well someone did ask if I bought the game which suggests I haven’t .:grimacing:

However I finally got it to work by reinstalling infinity & this time it recognised the game, another of my recent games AC Origins was instantly recognised so no idea what went wrong this time.

Anyway, thanks for the replies & offers of help

@Capnbird. No we ask this all the time because people do get the torrent game and usually they dont work cuz the trainers arw made for steam usually. Thata why we ask because if yours was torrent it womt work. Just asking. Dont woory

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Hi guys, I’ve gone back to playing this and once again it won’t activate, i get the message about the game needs special file patching etc.
Dragging the shortcut doesn’t work and I cannot find Far Cry5 .exe although the game runs fine so I’ve no idea why it won’t work again