Far Cry Primal Cheats and Trainer for Steam

so its not suppose to go to 999???

As he said, its ment so the resources stop decreasing.
Does your resources decrease when you use it?

So no, think 999 isnt a number that will show up.

No, it’s not supposed to.

For me when i use the resources to upgrade the cave and hut, the resources goes down . For example alder wood, i had 50 b4 upgrading a hut but then after that i had 23

can i get some help please?
when i was choosing my game file i choosed the wrong one and know i dont know how to change it

You can’t choose wrong one. Still, you can use icdv2 tool to clear infinity’s cache - ICDV2.bat -

Infinity couldn’t detect the game on my computer, so I manually directed it to the Far Cry Primal folder. When I click Start Game, it gives me a message saying “The game failed to start. If it requires admin privileges to run, try running Infinity as an Administrator”. I tried doing just that, but to no avail.
How can I fix this?

Start the game before starting the trainer.

Thank you!
It’s kind of embarassing, i should’ve thought of that

i have far cry primal and i start the trainer up after i start the trainer non of the cheats work. i use F1 for unlimited health, does not work. i press F7 for unlimited resources. does not work

i haven’t had any issues in the past but now I’m getting a code 9 error - virus software, but when i disable it same message appears (i use kaspersky) any help is much appreciated

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Their seems to be a bug with unlimited resources. Everytime its used per-se, like crafting something, it seems to up the game time/player speed dramatically. Messing with the player/game speed setting fix’s it, but its annoying to have to do every time.

The only issue i seem to notice so far is that the game speed will randomly increase even though it doesnt show an increase in the tool. Happens a lot while getting into confrontations with enemies or popping in and out of weapon wheel or other menus. Like i said the actual speed setting in the tool never changes so when i hit the hot key down button everything gets slower by one increment. then i have to tap it back up one to get back to normal speed.

yeah I’m having the same problem. i’m currently setting speed at 1.675

I have a small issue with the Game Speed when using this trainer, it all goes alot faster when playing and makes the game look weird but when i try to adjust the speed it just stops the time flow and i can’t move.

having similar problem with the speed of the game. It’s default at 1.875 which is really fast but if I put it to 1 it’s extremely slow. I don’t want to temper with the game speed at all so is there a way to disable this entirely?

Having the speed issue. Will try at 1.675 and see what happens.

Speed issue! the speed is increasing when i try to change my weapon suddenly, and it’s not quite the best gameplay :frowning: please do something

i have small issue the game open when i click play but its not showing my save and its ask me for new game !!!
what to do ?