Farcry 3 Ultimate Modded Gamesave Starter

Mods Included:

-God Mode
-Infinite Ammo
-Infinite Money
-Fully Maxed Out Skill Points
-Fully Maxed Out Loot RuckSack
-Fully Maxed Out Weapon Holster
-Fully Maxed Out Wallet

Download: Farcry 3 Ultimate Modded Save Starter.rar

i cant seem to get it to work is there a certain way i have to do it? i replaced the auto save file into mine and rehashed and resigned if thats the wrong way can you walk me through it so i can use this it sounds awesome.

thanx mate works great

Anybody else have the problem where the god mode, and unlimited ammo get erased after the mission where you save Liza?

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Yes it happened to me damn it :frowning: