Farcry 5 - Hours of Darkness bug

I was playing through Farcry 5 DLC called Hours of Darkness (Steam and Uplay) where you’re in the Vietnam jungle trying to escape, and every time I try to pick up a plant or flower (for crafting) the game completely crashes out to the desktop. I’ve been able to repeat the issue every time. When I disable Wemod cheats, the issue goes away. (It may have something to do with the Unlimited Items cheat - but I’m not an expert by any means.)

Hopefully the Mods will be able to find a fix for this.


Any Devs catch this message? Would really like a fix. :confused:

The trainer is only made for the base campaign and does not work with the DLC. If it is crashing that means it would require a new trainer and would require another 2k votes.