Farcry V not starting with infinity

I cant add my game to infinity launcher, simply it doesent show it when using browse

What game source and what do you mean it doesn’t show when using browse?

i have my riped pc verison of farcry V

and when i try to pull icon of game

We do not support cracked games. If it is going to work you need to select the base game folder but I highly doubt anyone has released an updated version yet.

hmm you do support, i can use infinity on half of my cracked games but nvm

It works, therefore it must be intentional and Christ is just lying to get attention.

There is a difference between it working and us supporting it. If you look at any thread where someone says the cheats are broken the first thing we establish is if they purchased the game. Like I tell everyone else, support the developers if you are going to play it for more than an hour. You pirating games is the equivalent of someone walking into your house and taking your computer. Would you be ok with it?

Agreed. Christ lied for our sins

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