Farm Together Cheats and Trainer for Steam

So far me and my girlfriend enjoy this trainer a lot but we’ve found some solutions that might do it easier to still play “legit” with small changes.

The unlimited money hacks could be switched to “Double your money” so if you want unlimited money you could just spam this command instead, this way if you just don’t want to wait days to make enough money you can press it once and you haven’t ruined the farm.
This option should be switched with diamonds, tickets and medals aswell of course.

Another thing is that it would be nice if you could add the speed up option to building, trees, plants, fishing and animals aswell.

But i enjoy the effort put into this and it works great!

Great trainer ! thanks admin but better let players choose amount of gold, medal, and ticket as they wants and more trianer for flower fast growth and fish fast growth will be the best need.


Help, Unlimited coins are not unlimited, 100M is not enough. The boosters gets up to several billions, how can I get around this?

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Wait for WeMod Update or modify Save File (U need only 7zip+Notepad to open and modify)

I would love an unlimited gas gage would make using tractor not as annoying having to go get more fuel to do stuff. I’m loving the fast grow and would love to see that for fish and flowers as well. the trees works as the seasons change so being able to move the seasons would be cool to but not a huge thing for me. thank you for the work you do I’m loving the ones I use.
also would be awsome to have the choice to up the number of plots the tractor can enteract with as of now its 9 and I have seen players who have a mod allowing for up to 100 at a time. I would prefer like a 9, 18, 27, 36, and so on choice of plot enteraction. Again thank you.
Update the tractor thing I just learned is a built into the game thing its not a mod however it only works on harvesting crops nothing else. so it could still be something worth looking into to make doable for plowing and harvesting trees and flowers and animals as well.

I would absolutely love to see rapid growth for flowers, I use this a lot to complete quests but the rapid growth doesn’t touch flowers at all.

My wife says ever since I used this mod on her game she’s had a ton of currency but is no longer able to earn ribbons. It says she’s earning them but they don’t tally up. Right now she’s stuck at 28(down from 63). The mod hasn’t been on lately since she’s good on all other currencies. I looked for an infinite ribbons to subvert the issue but there is no option.

I want to ask does the diamond, tokens work for only you, or is it everyone on the farm.
DO people see the unlimited tokens and diamonds or are they only for you.

Trainers are not intended to be used in multiplayer game modes.

Question how does the fast grow even work, cuz i’ve turned it on and my aloe vera is not growing any faster 4h growth time

You need to be logged in with wemod for the fast grow to work…

The Farm Together cheats have been updated!


  • Set Coins cheat added
  • Set Diamonds cheat added
  • Set Medals cheat added
  • Set Tickets cheat added

Is it possible to speed up the animals? They take the longest and need near constant watching to keep them fed to get products from them.

The only possible updates I’d like to see in the mod are:

  1. faster building/cooking/activities
  2. faster animal production
    just over all speed up everything because it takes so long for things to happen. I dont know about anyone else but I hate having to use multiple mods from multiple places to all do the same/similar jobs