FATX: could not find 45410915 in directory listing.

When trying to pass a saved game from one profile to another in Fight Night Round Champion, this error appears to me, and in the XBOX the profile change does not appear to me, it is as if there were no files, can someone help me? I have tried other games like Fifa and Top Spin and if I can transfer saved games from one profile to another without problems, but not with this one.


Not every 360 game is available to modify with Horizon. The game has a Title ID pictured below, but there is no editor for it.

Horizon won’t see any future updates or features since the 360 is discontinued and the 360 modding community has dropped off over the last few years.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

ah! es decir que es imposible pasar partidas guardadas de un perfil a otro no ¿?

Translation: ah! that is to say, it is impossible to pass saved games from one profile to another no?

For this game, yes it is impossible with Horizon for this game. Saves for games that Horizon has editors for will let you transfer the saves between accounts by changing the IDs.

Let me know if you have any further questions :smiley:

No, ninguna más, muchas gracias por tu ayuda, me ha sido muy útil la información.

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