FATX / Device Explorer

Wanted to let you guys know that the device explorer is coming along perfect so far :thumbsup:

I may release some screenshots of it soon :smile:

Don’t forget to thank unknown when you see him. He’s coding the classes to handle the drives.

yay! I can finally stop using modio soon.

NO MORE MODIO!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here, the only reason I ever use modio is for the device explorer.

As well as most of us.

The Modio device explorer will always be the best.

YESS! Lucky me already seen it. Hopefully no more slow transfers!!

Yay no more USB XTAF

Yay and unknown post on this thread so we can all thank yo ass

I still think Party Buffalo is best.


Thanks C! looking forward to a new modding life!

no more modiooooo


Thats my brother from another mother :smiley:

Hopefully it will display file names and paths like modio for thats the only reason I use it.

yay :smile:

Woot know when this comes out NO one will go on modio haha horizon has killed them

Yes no more usb xtaf

Can’t wait :smile:

Would you like a big smack in the mouth?