:.FATXplorer v2.0 - Final Release!:

It’s here. After more than a year of waiting, your patience has paid off. Gone are the days of painful device exploration. What is being unveiled to right now is not just a stellar application, it is a fresh new experience.

FATXplorer is back to reinforce its position as the ultimate storage device explorer. The last year has not been taken lightly. New features and amazing improvements have been implemented into this major version.

FATXplorer v2.0 will go beyond your expectations. Guaranteed.

Eaton Works presents…

*Icon and banner designed by cccodyyyy.

Click here for the official release announcement, pictures, new features, and more!

Before you post any comments here, please read the contents of that link completely. You will see that this is a launch to be remembered and should not be taken lightly.:wink:

Oh, and for those who want to compare it to Horizon’s explorer…



Nice job! Is it better than the Horizon device explorer? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you read the feature list? Lol.

I love you Eaton! < 3

This is the best Device Explorer EVA!!!

You Rock!

Hell yeah!!
epic < 3

Hehe, my favorites are the default settings. ;p

It’s a shame I don’t mod much anymore.

It looks amazing Eaton!

I have a 120GB hard drive that is screwed up. Like when I put it into my xbox it says that I need to format it, so on the xbox I try and format it, but it tells me I need to do it again. It is an endless cycle. If I were to buy premium on your app, would it be able to fix it for me or no?

I have heard about that problem and I cannot guarantee that this will fix it. It sounds like the 360 has a problem reading from that part of the disk, so it might be in your best interest to buy a new one to prevent data loss.

You can buy it and try it. If it does not work, I will refund you.

Yeah I already have, I just thought I might be able to sell it.

Edited my post.

Ok, it probably won’t be until like monday though because the HDD is at my dad’s. Thanks :smile:

That is really nice of you!

Woah nice release man.

An update is now available!

2.0.1 now available! | FATXplorer

Nice Eaton this looks great & Nice post

time for the speed of it to be owned by horizon.

i remember asking why your fatxplorer wasn’t implemented into horizon… i got some strange answer, but i’m still asking the same question…