Favorite Destiny Clips

Post any of your favorite Destiny clips, Moments or videos here.

No audio due to twitch being dumb about music. But i got Gjallarhorn from a normal VoG run. I was pretty stoked because all of my friends had it and would give me **** for being without one. Then it finally dropped! May seem dumb, but this was my favorite Destiny moment.

Yet now you don’t even play the game and forcing Poon, Distinguishable, and I to find new people to run the Raid(s) with!
…have been getting idiots off of LFG and having the greatest of times. -_-

I don’t have a video/clip of me doing so, but, similar to Chunkier Drew, I would have to say my favorite moment is Destiny was either when my group and I completed Flawless Raider and joined the small percentage of people to do so or when I called getting the Gjallarhorn from the exotic chest in the Gorgon cave!

…I’ve only recently gotten back into the game and am trying to catch those who had continued to play, but I wish I hadn’t stopped playing because I missed out on a lot of weapons/upgrade/etc.

Nice thread idea Jay!

That’s some good stuff man…

Mine was an Atheon clutch I got a while ago. Everybody was in the middle platform and then at about the 2 second mark of TV the relic decides to not work so pretty much everybody except for me and another guy are dead. I run around dodging supplicants trying to stay alive when I finally get to a safe spot and snipe his ass to oblivion.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p85Bg59l9as (this is in the perspective of another player, my clutch starts at about 2:25)

Iron Banner fun :smiley:

I forgot about this thread.

First game of the day from a couple days ago

All those people that walked into your bubble are dumbasses

When you got the triple with your fists, ‘Oh baby a triple’ in my mind.

Um, Zodiac13, what were you thinking at the 5:15 mark?
…I was asking myself “He does know he didn’t kill the guy taking “B” flag?”

Overall, how you can do it I don’t know, you seemed to get matched with a squad that knew what to do and so you guys took that match with ease. Thanks for sharing.

At the 6:40 mark, you had the greatest and most aware teammate to ask for! Lol

@ 5:15 I shot the guy center mass with my two to the morgue (usually a 1 hit KO at that range) and nothing happened, so I ran into the side corridor to the C flag, waited till he thought I was gone, then used those kneepads to take him out

For all those guardians not around this weekend.

My thoughts exactly :smiley: