Feature Request: Offline Support

As a user I would like to be able to use the trainers I have already downloaded when my internet is out, when wemod is down, or at any other time I cannot access or use the internet.

I get it, I need to be online to download new trainers, but the benefit to standalone trainers is that I can use them offline once they’ve been downloaded.
I’ve even found the trainers, I’m assuming Trainer_158_not-so-random-hex.dll is Metro Last Light Redux, as I downloaded it last night.
Short of some design decisions not visible to the user I cannot see why already downloaded trainers are unavailable when the app cannot reach the wemod api.

It’s in the works as we speak. This is a commonly requested feature from what I’ve seen over the last year or so and will likely be implemented with one of the next updates. I know the WeMod team is working on a lot of things right now, but they have indicated that offline trainers will be part of the bigger picture.

Currently, WeMod supports offline trainers so long you don’t reboot your PC which is due to the offline cache resetting upon the restart. You can just download the trainer from each respective game’s thread here on the forum then yank the ethernet cable and you’re set until you restart.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: