Features of No Man's Sky Failed to be activated (Features Always auto-off)

I trying to use WeMod on No Man’s Sky(Non-VR gameplay)

I’m trying to use the No Man’s Sky trainer by STN but the Features of the trainer just off Instantly upon I trying to activate it. I tried to restart Both the game & WeMod but the issue is still exist.

I have no ideas regarding How to solve this annoying issue I experiencing currently. Hoping someone will look into the matter and Solve it for good as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Well, I can answer half the issues for you. The other half is a ‘pro’ issue, and I have no experience with that, so I’ll go with what I know.

STN has retired, the No Man’s Sky trainer won’t work because the game has had some serious updates in the past, and as recently as last week. Since STN has retired, he won’t be updating the trainer, and that’s why the trainer won’t work.

Fret not, though. MrAntiFun has made a trainer for the most recent update to the game (including the Living Ship update), and tries to update it when the game breaks it. Try that trainer, and you shouldn’t have any more issues (with the game, at least).

As I said, I don’t know the first thing about your #2 issue. Hopefully, someone will be along to sort that out for you.


thx mate
i will try your suggestion when i can

Cheers :partying_face:

The above is correct. STN’s trainer is way out of date and incompatible. We’re currently looking into an issue with MAF’s trainer saying it is not compatible even though it is :+1: