[Feedback] Lack of options

I wasn’t sure where else to post this, but I feel like lately there’s been a large drop in quality for many titles and their trainers where the only options are ‘MAX this’ and ‘INSTANT that’, and nothing in between, always all or nothing - Because of this I’ve found myself to start using other trainers and joining other communities. I understand that it’s not an easy task to create so many for such a vast amount of games, but felt like making this thread in case it was something that others felt too.

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Thanks for the feedback. Can you give some examples of recent trainers? For the most part, cheats have always been unlimited and not a value set by the user. Is there a particular game you want more customizability in?

Sure thing.

I’ll mix a bit of one’s that I mainly mean and also some newer ones I’ve seen
CIV 6 - Only unlimited gold/faith envoy, not add 1000/10000, etc.
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands - Unlimited skill/hero/myth/currency/skeleton keys, not settable or +10 etc
Hades - Lacking in general, but Unlimited Money.

Just off the top of my head that I’ve recently used. Don’t get me wrong, the quantity of trainers is fantastic, but I’m not sure if the sacrifice of less options is worth it - personally. I often go to a competitor who has incremental additions vs a ‘max/unlimited’ one.

For me the biggest issue that I found is that if a play a game based on how it is developped and have lots of mods on their workshop that mean that depending on the one you wanna play you will play different versions of the game developped, I am thinking like Stellaris for exemple. At that point I found the most lacking information on the interface is that OK you have the date the engine was added but absolutly no reference on the the version of tha game it is working with.
Some games like Darkest Dungeon have nearly 40 entries not one specify the versions of the game compatible, which I found crutial to begin with! This should be part of the engine description and what I always loved before with Mr ANtifun as every engine had version references !