Female Twitch streamers?

I watch a lot of Twitch and my wife is starting to watch it too. Any female Twith streamers you recommend?

No. All of the ones in dota 2 are attention *****s except for a small few. It reminds me of that superbowl that takes place with the women in the lingerie. On the bright side they usually get pathetic guys to give them quite a bit of money, some even earn a living out of it. Impressive imo.

The one girl that I really enjoy watching though would be undistanced. She plays a good variety of games, but quite a bit of LoL and dota 2. She actually enjoys gaming, is a fun person and sweet person, and would be playing games on her free time regardless of any attention it gets her.

Yes I know what you mean! We are not looking for someone who ‘dolls’ themselves up before a stream or looking for a big cleavage! A casual but entertaining female streamer.

You could try gold gloves girlfriend. I think her name I Ali

EDIT this is her http://www.twitch.tv/2mgovercsquared

EDIT EDIT accidentally quoted myself instead of editing. Been a long day.

If you play or watch Hearthstone: http://www.twitch.tv/itshafu

Was going to mention her, she is actually a pretty cool streamer that doesn’t really do it for attention and she also doesn’t show cleavage or have any :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah she is a great streamer.