FIFA 11 Virtual Pro Hack

I have heard about this mod/hack and i have seen it work on the old xbox, i tried the same method on the xbox slim, but when i copy my settings file over to USB drive it doesnt recognise on my computer so i cant edit it with the new setting?

has anybody achieved the modded VP on fifa 11 on the new xbox slim?

if so please could you give me a step by step.



What USB explorer are you using ?

i was just opening it from my computer? thinking it would be there… sorry im rubbish with this stuff

Haha no problem bro, What you need is software that explorers your device as xbox encrypts the USB :smile:.

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That is Modio, use it to explore your device

how do i do the next stage then? just as normal?

Settings0 20101015001007

  1. Put your fifa 11 settings onto usb stick
  2. Open USB stick with modio
  3. Extract your settings onto desktop (Right Click to get option to extract)
  4. Download gamesave from top
  5. Drag downloaded settings and your settings into modio
  6. Copy your ID’s onto downloaded ones
  7. Rehash downloaded ones
  8. Delete old settings from USB
  9. Inject downloaded gamesave (Right Click to get option to inject)
  10. Take out USB and put into xbox and have fun

brilliant mate thanks alot, can i use the VP against friends online? what % is that vp

You can use it online yea, and it’s 100%, Just make sure the name of the VP is Settings0 0… and it doesn’t have a _ when you download if it does remove the “_” that will freeze your xbox. Hope I helped

the file shows ‘Settings0 20101015001007’ is this ok?

Indeed it is :stuck_out_tongue:

you going to be online for a while? just incase i cant do something? haha im about to start the process now

Yea, i’ll be here

your step by step seems to be different from the version i have?

could you download that version of modio and give me a new step by step? dunno if im doing it correctly?

cheers mate

seem to of done it! baggins? :wink: cheers mate for your help!

did this work for you mate and if so can you add me on xbox and help me everytime i go to do it my xbox freezes thanks

**** modio usb xtaf

Make sure the save your using has the name Settings0 0 and not Settings0_0 if it has that please remove the “_”

yeah i have done its just not working have u got the link to a download for one for me mate

Settings0 20101015001007

I put a tutorial on the 1st page.

are u on xbox live now mate cause i cant seem to get it to work