FIFA 12 100% Virtual Pro gamesave

The game save is from the FIFA 12 early release. so the game ID will show all zeros. so you must manually inject the game save into your FIFA 12 folder. Another issue is the rendering of the VP’s skin.

I know of three options to deal with this. One, change his skin tone to very dark Second, be a goalkeeper and wear a long sleeve shirt and pants…Third, download a game face from the EA futbol site.

  1. Open the save with Horizon

  2. Insert your Profile/Device/Console ID

  3. Rehash and Resign the game save

  4. Inject the game save into the retail FIFA 12 folder on your USB
    located —> Data/Content/E000000000000000/45410967/00000001/ <— inject game save there. if you do not manually inject the save into FIFA 12’s retail game save folder, you will not see the VP once you start up FIFA 12.

  5. Done! if you want, you can transfer the game save from your usb to your xbox hard drive to ensure that you’ve done everything correctly.

Download: Click Me

Credit to: munkee… :thumbsup:

Hey thank you for thus now when I get the game I’ll do it. Thank you again.

can you put a picture up proving its 100%?

Horizon does not open that folder specifically.