Fifa 12 VP Tools?

will there be any Fifa 12 Vp Tools made for horizon i know the game just came out but just wondering:thumbsup:

Yep! One of our developers, unknown, confirmed it!

Do you know when this will be?

Maybe when the game comes out xD

Ye … Hopefully this will release the Gears NEW one two as that will mean TWO days until we get both Fifa 12 + Gears 3 MP

oh yeah i forgot UK people dont have it yet right lol? my mistake totally forgot

There’s a little bit of me that wishes this doesn’t affect multiplayer.

Please don’t release this mod so early into the game. It will certainly ruin what is a REALLY enjoyable online mode in FIFA. I know you are thinking that it’ll be cool and all, but after a few weeks, it’ll get old.

If anything, please wait till the end of FIFA to do this.

Why are you on a modding site then.

IMO modding is all about fun for everyone and doing things you usually can’t, this is a example of only one of these things, as it ruins the game for everybody else.

Yes this is a modding site, as everybody else seems to point out, but not everybody wishes to completely tear a game apart for the sake of their own entertainment, however minimal it is.

LMAO…And btw yes your titled to your opinion but i dont think no one cares

I hope they dont release it :L but they’ve added tighter security on the VP so its harder and I’m not gunna release a modded pro if i make one cus it ruins the game

People are complaining about this tool but the same kids asked when the GoW3 mod tool will come out lol…Please close this thread my question was answered a while ago

I dont want this released it will ruin an amazing game

Once again your titled to your opinion but no one cares :smiley:

lol i created a fifa 11 tool so i think i know more that you about fifa files and modding

Bro stop commenting… nobody cares what you think too.

I understand this is a modding site, but like someone above posted, is it worth ruining the fun for everyone?

I am all for modding, but some things should be left untouched, at least until nobody cares anymore (which is during the last few weeks of the game).

Edit: See even one of the modders himself supports this

Edit again: Wow, I liked the troll’s comment by accident

Thats not the point did i ever say anything about me being a better modder no i said “Your titled to your opinion but no one care” Read carefully next time

And yes i understand that but you made a thread for this when a few mods told you that this wasnt gonna stop him but yet you keep spamming and *****ing about it and is annoying!

Your comments are annoying… just saying.