FIFA 13 - 100% accomplished pro modding?

Is there anyway to mod your pro?

FIFA 12 it was your personal settings but we’ve discovered you now have a separate save “online pro” does anyone know how to do it or is here ankle tool being made to do it?.

Not a 127 hack you can keep it I just can’t be qrsed doing all the achievements again

Nope I don’t think the Fifa 13 pro is saved online like in Cod and Halo etc… so I’m guessing no unless you have a Jtag and is really smart.
However there is a Fifa 13 career pro mod tool which you can view how to use here:
It’s diamond only though.

This is the offline one fella so no good it’s the online one were after. So a 100% accomplished game save we can set as our own.

I understand we have a separate file save “online pro” so short would just be the case of usit horizon or Modio to change the device and profile ID like I was on fifa 12?.

The only modding out for Fifa 13 is on the mod tool for Horizon.

Yeah that’s the off line pro though don’t work for the online one :anguished:.