FIFA 13 Editor Released!

We have just released an update that contains an editor for FIFA 13, which was released today in North America. We hope you guys enjoy the features in the tool. If you used the FIFA 12 editor, they should look a little familiar. :wink:

[size=25]Check this thread for how to use the editor![/size]

YAYA :smiley: Great work.

Why hasn’t EA learned by now?

Anyways nice job unknown, even though I hate fifa

I don’t play Fifa nor do I like it, but props to all the Devs that have put their time and effort into Horizon to make this tool.

Great work guys. :smile:

Tool looks great! This is a great addition to Horizon. Great job devs!

Does this update work with windows 8?

No, we will be announcing when Horizon officially works with Windows 8. It won’t be too long of a wait though.


But good work Unknown and Co looks brilliant.

Looks nice, great job Dev team!

Very nice Unknown :wink:

it wont let me mod my personal setting so what do i do

Post full details in the bug report forum.

nice i was waiting for this but i dont know to mod it i dont want to get ban earlier

Awesome work. Thank you! :smiley:

But… The game came out today

You modify the Career saves now, instead of the Settings file.

so i need to go to career mode and mod the career?
i get it Thanks

Yes. That’s correct.

this work but this only work for career mode i try to use it online but its says that i need to make another one what i need to do?

Good work haha