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FIFA 18 Cheats and Trainer


Cheat is not working


please update the trainer cheats are currently not working


The trainer doesn’t work it just makes noise and nothing changes


They don’t work for me either. This trainer needs updating or removing if it can’t be.


Ok we’ll talk to him about removing it then. Ah what the heck :jack_o_lantern:


I’m not trying to be rude I’m just saying if it would be nice to know if it’s going to get updated otherwise it’s pointless using it.


I found for the perfect train to work you need to actually play the training simulation not just sim them. However I cannot get the money mod to work even through following the instructions and using the Budget screen.


please fix money cheat and make a video tutorial how and when to used it…please…


Hey, none of the cheats seem to be working, was working last night. Must have been a game update


I’ll request that the “Request Update” button be added to this trainer :slightly_smiling_face: