FIFA Street Mod Tool!

Found this… I am trying to download now… I will post if it works or not as to most links are scams…

Worked out great… too bad it really does corrupt the file if you try to max out every attribute… nonetheless it is better than nothing atm…

can I have that tool seeming as don’t want to fill out surveys

Not home as of now… sorry bro :anguished:

ok when you get home just pm me with a mediafire link for it thanks so then I can take a look at it

This looks good. Hoping that it leads to a more intricate tool. :smile:

Would you mind providing us Mediafire Links?

I’m pretty sure you can find that at XPG.


Did 3 Surveys, bastards. Didn’t even download. Oh how I hate surveys.

Skip the surveys using an antivirus? Anyways, I won’t be home for a few weeks, but I will tell my brother to try and upload it…

DL link yet anyone?