Fight night champion editor tool

Anyhave the tool?

did u try google? or ttg?

trying right know

hey i am looking for this also. Did you find it anywhere?

someone hit me up if they find something for legacy mode money and xp plz

I requested this in the discussion board either they’re looking into it or nothing because it has tons of views and no replys.

welcome to the site btw

I hope one is made and i have to say this game is effin brilliant im leaving the legacy mode until this game is moddable if not looks like i have to suffer lol

more like we need an updated EA Resigner…I have most of the offsets.

Then jack is already on the path, now all we need is that resigner… last I seen it was at xboxdev and I think the guys at 360haven. :confused:

Yeh I got my hands on it but its not up to date so it doesn’t see this game as an EA game :anguished:

The source was released on this site. Like JTC said though, it not up to date.

i would think this is the best site to find an EA resigner.

Any news ?_?

Thanks all

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