Fight Night Champion & FIFA 12 Mod Tool

EDITED as request.


Tool’s Name or Add On: FIFA 12 & Fight Night Champion

Description (Explain as thoroughly as possible): Basically the exact way that you have setup FIFA 11 Virtual Pro mod tool… but there may be some differences when the game is relased this September.

Shooting/Passing/Speed etc… FIFA 11 mod really sums it up to be honest, but with more detail maybe?

Like I said, when its released we will know more

Why It Should be in Horizon and How it Relates to Modifying the Xbox 360: FIFA is a huge game played by millions, like FIFA 11, this would be a valuable tool for people who would like to have their pro the way the want it! :smile:

Is it in any other programs? If so, which one(s)? yes the delightful HORZION!!! :smile:

Additional Comments:
Not really sure what else to put… first time requesting a mod… Fight Night has an online fighter option, and it works on XP,

Please read this

Then update your thread. You can’t do it for Fifa 12 yet.


update now mate, cheers :smile:

Fight night should be easy as I think it uses the same hash calculations as FIFA 11, but i may be wrong and calm down on FIFA 12, I don’t want online to be ruined so quickly

And also I’ll look into the FIFA 12 offsets, I gave Horizon a load for that FIFA 11 tool, plus a lot more the other day (height, weight and all stats)

thanks mate I don’t want FIFA 12 ruined either… I was just curious… but was more curious about fight night really…

i would like fight night champion also, i didnt post a new thread because someone else is looking the game, id like all stats including speed power and everything maxed, would be sweet, thanks