Fight Night Champion

I’m new to the game but I still just wanted to know if this game could potentially be modded??


I don’t know if I can, but post in this section : [](http://Horizon Suggestions) Read the sticky by Dean on how to post, and it’ll be looked at for you.

I think that post has been delete homie…?

Legacy Mode…XP amout and Money mod

I already requested this here:

But as usual nothing… lol

IF someone would explain to me how to mod the game save i’ll do it…I have no problem with learning C or C+…whatever programming languaged needed. Just point me in the right direction to modding this game save and others if possible. I’ve compared two Fight Night Champion game saves to each other in Hex Workshop but no sure of what to do next???

Ok the Language you need to learn is PPC (PowerPc Assembly). Fight Night Champions has an EA Checksum. You can find the checksum in Fight Night Champions default.xex. You just have to reverse engineer the checksum.

I am stuck here myself with this game and yu gi oh.

Requested here.