File Corruption?

Recently new to horizon simply trying to inject minecraft maps onto my flash drive followed a tut up Until actually injecting the file when i try to inject it it gives me “Invalid STFS Package!” all the links ive found for the map are all from mediafire same link all of them most recent link to the download was 2 weeks ago so i assume it still works the download is .BIN which from the tuts is right when i try to open the file ID and all that with horizon it flags as “Index Was Out of Range”. Is the file somehow corrupted or am i missing something? Also ive searched this and cannot find a solution.

I do this almost daily for my son. Just drag the .bin file into Horizon along side one of your own saves that is opened in Horizon and copy and replace your 3 ID’s to the map you want to use, then choose save, rehash and resign, and then click save to device and that map will be signed to your profile and will on your device. When you put your flash drive back into your 360 go to storage, locate your device and move the map to your hard drive. The map should now be available to load in your list of maps/worlds.