File not showing on xbox

i no how to use horizon and have been transferring terraria saves but when i do it for minecraft the file is definitely on the usb and definitely registered to my profile (copy and paste the id’s) but when i put the usb into the xbox 360 the save file isnt there at all, then when i put the usb back into horizon it is… please help :cry:

Not sure if this is happening to you also, but XBox has been someone erasing my USB content when I change between PC to 360. Its quite annoying too. I have had to re-download my profile more then 10 times because of it, and add all my saves back too. Luckily for me I always make backups of my saves.

I think that the 360Revolution Save Editor for Minecraft still works, but I don’t play MC much anymore on PC or 360 so not sure. I know there is a stand alone editor for it as well which I may still have backed up some place if you need it?

any thing that will get the map, i cant work out why its not working iv been trying and trying for hours and watching different turotials any help will be appreciated thanks

Are other saves showing up on it?

Someone else has it posted here already. But I downloaded it also so I have it backed up for future use.

Did you get this sorted?

what is that for i dont want to mod items i just want to add a map, ill try and get a different map in a bit and see if it works

iv managed to do it thanx

What was the solution? I’m having the same problem.

It could be the gamesave doesn’t have the requirements in the savegame or unable to load because of pc mods as a convert?
But I’ve experienced this problem before but not exactly the same because I was putting not only my xbox saves on the USB I use but also youtube videos I downloaded of youtube (, obviously its went on my USB and deleted my savegames or either corrupted them.
This is just a guess…
Its been [RESOLVED] for me, so I don’t understand YOUR problem, there might be a chance the gamefile is corrupted and not showing up.
Sorry i’m not much use lol
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