File YHuVZu63.exe.part downloaded to my PC without my permision

While I was searching for new games I installed from Steam, I noted a notification from my security suite that the file YHuVZu63.exe.part had been downloaded and was considered safe. The problem was that I DID NOT download it. I checked my security suite history and noted that the file was downloaded to a user directory, not my downloads directory.

A subsequent search for the file came up empty. The downloaded file left no history in my downloads. It left no clue in a search of my hard drive. I can only assume that it installed itself and deleted the original file. I don’t know.

If anyone can tell me what the file YHuVZu63.exe.part is and why it was downloaded to my computer, and what happened to the file, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am a fan of the Wemod site, as well as a paid subscriber. I would like some transparency in what the program does to my computer.


If it is a .part then it wasn’t downloaded all the way and there is no way to know what the full file was. WeMod downloads files directly to the AppData folder where it is installed. If it wasn’t downloaded there then the download didn’t originate from WeMod.

.part files are incomplete downloads. Some browsers (mostly Firefox) are known for not only downloading things in “parts” but also giving those parts a randomly generated, gibberish name, like your example.
(More info 1).
(More info 2).

The main reasons the download may be incomplete is because it was corrupted, partially blocked by an antivirus or firewall or you lost internet connection part-way through the download and it timed out.

Because the name of the part file is random gibberish generated by your browser, there isn’t a way to know what the file was by its name alone. But as Chris said, WeMod is downloaded into the AppData folders on your PC.