Final Fantasy 13-2 DLCs xbox360

hi there, can someone help me sending some links with the ff13-2 DLCs for xbox360?
i’ve seached everywhere , but failed :disappointed:

i’ll be really appreciated if someone help me :slight_smile: … thanks

Do you have a jtag/rgh?


Then you wouldn’t be able to use the dlc:s due to something called DRM.

Only dlc:s you will be able to use are purchased ones and drm-free dlcs.

Only problem is that i think there are no DRM Free versions for that game.

it worked with skyrim DLCs… but ok…

Skyrim had a Legendary Edition.

With that edition, there was some DRM Free DLCs.
There is no edition like that as far as i know for the FF13-2 version.
Thats why you wont find it.