Final Fantasy III Cheats and Trainer for Steam

happy New Year.
I’ve been playing FINAL FANTASY 3 several times since then, but it’s unclear whether the cheat tool works or not. It doesn’t work properly these days.

The trainer version is 6.3.12.
The game is also a genuine product purchased from steam, but it still has the same symptoms as other people.
Even if you turn on the cheat code, it will turn off immediately. (It makes a sound)

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand the meaning.
Do I have to wait for the trainer update?

very likely

I try to open the F1 and F2 but I failed. F3 is useless

FF3 Steam version - build ID 4781591 (24/march/2020).
WeMod version 7.0.16 / FF3 Trainer dated 15/may/2020.

Set Job Level:

  • Use F7 until “Set Job Level” reaches 99;
  • Only affects first character in formation;
  • Open the Status page for the character;
  • Shift-F7 to reduce the Job Level to 98;
  • F7 to increase Job Level back to 99;
  • Win any fight - Job Level increased to 99;
  • Change formation, put any other character in the first position;
  • Open the Status page for the character;
  • Shift-F7 to reduce the Job Level to 98;
  • F7 to increase it back to 99;
  • Win any fight - Job Level increased to 99;

Repeat as needed.

For some reason I can no longer purchase items from shops. Just makes a weird sound & doesn’t bring up the slider to determine the quantity of items to purchase.

You must start game first for cheats to work . Some reason you can buy from merchant with cheats active .

Hi everyone!
Is this for the original or the “3D Remake?”

we need a 64 bit version


Yes, we definitely need the 64 bit version!

there is a 64 bit version on

When I click play, it says the trainer was made for 32-bit version, and it will not turn on because I’m using 64-bit

Please add a 100% drop rate cheat like the FF1 and 2 Pixel Remasters have

Yea the cheats turn right off for me too

Hello I have a problem with setting the job level where it doesn’t really work

Please fix these cheats for the 64 bit version

Also why are these not the same cheats that the other Pixel Remasters have?

on the final fantasy 3 tab of the wemod app, at the top you may have clicked on the original non pixel remaster release of ff3 (the 3d port version), just click on the pixel remaster version at the top left to see the cheats for ff3 pixel remaster and you will see the similar cheats.


Started using this today, and I noticed the Mega EXP cheat does not work, i am doing random battles as Luneth after the beginning town and the exp is about 1-2 per battle. No rapid level ups, nothing. Keep in mind this is not for the Jobs, but normal level.

Seems the Job cheat is working only once. If any character is switched, it fails to change any value but the sound plays. The game has to be restarted for the cheat to work with a different character.
I also didn’t see a change with the game speed cheat other than clipping of the sound.

Cheats doesnt work. I use wemod and i am a pro user. The game starts with wemod but the cheats doesnt work.