Final Fantasy IX Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hello MrAntiFun. The trainer is working almost in its entirety. Would it be too much to ask for an upgrade for the normal version and the Moguri Mod Version and also to add the option to use infinite skill crystals? Thank you very much.

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Seems only unlimited gil works on latest steam game version.

How do we request an update? Only one that works is the gil.

Also requesting an update for this game. I’ve just tried playing it again and only the unlimited Gil is working.

jump rope option keeps turning itself off, using mogri mod if that helps, any chance for a fix?

Trainers no longer work other than the unlimited gil one.

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I had the same issue had to uninstall the mod and game, Reinstall the game and do integrity check. Then loaded game and activated trainer, got the 1000 and the reinstalled the mod.

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Gil Multiplier
EXP Multiplier
drop rate
please add these

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Yes I would like these added too

I just want the “All Items”. I don’t need anything else.

Any chance for an update anytime soon. The current trainer doesn’t work.

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Doesn’t work for me either… They turn themselves off after 2 seconds…

I’ve gone online multiple times trying to find any trainer for final fantasy 9 that works and the only one I seem to be able to find is through cheat evolution.

Pointing this out simply because no matter how many times we’ve hounded the modders to update final fantasy 9 on Wemod they have yet to do it so here’s hoping that cheat evolution can help you guys out. Unfortunately though you have to pay for a subscription. 6 bucks a month so pretty cheap.

Please please! An all items cheat would be awesome! I second this

i point towards my previous post and also add the cheat evolution trainer has a code for all items.

I’d like to request that this trainer be looked at for an update, possibly even add to it? Also, would there be a chance of Moguri Mod compatibility? Thank you.

They don’t care… Just Greedy and Thanks for your Support.

Again, another request to get this working with Moguri Mod (and subsequently Memoria), please…