Final Fantasy Lovers

Which is your fav mine is ffxiii and ffx/x-2 love yuna and light

FF X, X-2, XIII, XIII-2, XIII Lightning Returns.

My favorite is FFXII The Zodiac Age love Penelo and I still love every other FF game I am really in love with Oeriba Dia Vanille since she always my number one

I love all FF Games.
My Favorites of Story are FF 8 and 9
I have to look at the story end of FF9 again, on the PS1 the CD had jumped, but on pc it’s even better.
My Favorites of Grafik are FF 13/13-2
Finally a woman has the SWORD in her hand.
Cloud (FF7) > Squal (FF8) > Zidane (FF9) > Tidus (FF10) > Lightning (FF 13/13-2/13 LIGHTNING RETURNS)

FF VIII (My first FF); XII - The Zodiac Age; XIII; and XIII-2 (playing)

I prefer Final Fantasy 3. I was named after the half esper in that game! :slight_smile:

This is a game for tryhards

I like FF X the best

My favorite Final Fantasy game was the Original Final Fantasy 12(this came out in 2006) (the Zodiac version came out in 2007 )
tho i also really like FF13 & FF13 Lightning Returns aswell as FF15 & FF Type-0 HD, and i also like FF14 Heavensward, i also like Final Fantasy Exvius(mobile game) & Final Fantasy Mobius, i like the storyline of FF7 Crisis Core but the controls were garbage

I am a huuuuge final fantasy fan but my very first ones were 7 and tactics in 97. I wish I had the lifestyle where I could play XIV more often because that by far is just so dynamic and there’s so much to do with multiple jobs (Ninja being my favorite)

My first FF game was X. I’ve played that completely thru (completed monster arena and god weapons) three times. I loved the story and the characters were all very likable. I think I might have even cried at the ending the first time I played it. That is probably my ATF so far. After that I played XI for years. I think I had over 520 DAYS of playtime when I finally quit. Third place, not just because it happens to be the next in line, was XII. I’ve also played IX, X-2, XIII-2 and XIV. I recently bought XV, but haven’t played it yet.

Mine has to be FF VII, FF VIII FF IX, FF X-2, FF XII, FF XIII, FF XIII-2, FF XIII Lightning returns, FF XV