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FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster Cheats and Trainer for Steam


No, I use Ctrl and + of the numpad, I hear the cheat sound but no gils when I check in the menu.


@Harnok we’re fixing it


So I was using this for the overdrive and mp which was working fine until I installed UnX. Now I hear the sound effect but but it is no longer working? Any chance on a fix or suggestion as to why this is happening?


@Quake55 we’re fixing it


So just an update I uninstalled UnX and it still was not working then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the whole game but it still seems to be not working. So not sure what triggered this but just thought I would give as much info to try and help.


@Quake55 It’s a small infinity issue we’re trying to fix :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for your feedback though!


hi loving the trainer, i have a suggestion for a cheat to add. can you see about doing something with the blue butterfly timer in the forest, never seems to be enough time to get them all


I’d need a savegame @fanf01


seem i can’t upload a savegame file yet. do you know how i could change it so i could give my self more time. been trying to find out where to go to do this, if you could that would be awesome :slight_smile:


my stats go at 0 with cheat is normal?


Awesome, thx!


Please fix.
It only works with X not with X-2.
Thanks ;D


Hello REPPiN,

I’m really amazed about the work you’ve done. Those cheats are great and help a lot to avoid pain in the ass stuff.
There is only one thing to me that is missing: Many people really hate Blitzball. It would be so helpful if there was a “win match” button or/and a button that gives you all the items you can get from the Blitzball experience.
So you would sure make a lot of people happy by adding this.

TL;DR List:

  1. “Blitzball win match-button” or “get all Blitzball related items-button”
  2. Anything to bypass the annoying butterfly race
  3. Anything to bypass the 200 lightning evasions

Trust me, cheats which let you avoid annoying stuff are the best!
Thanks for your time and your work. Have a good day!


Cheers for a good mod mate, but just out of curiosity, and now that I’ve finished 10 again, any update on when 10-2 might be available to use with this mod? Cheers mate.


Works amazingly - just decided to do a run with some beefy characters and managed to beat the game in a day XD Great Trainer/Cheat!


Any updates with the mod working with X-2 yet?


X-2? please?


working for an exam, I’ll definitely work on it then


Oh god, yeah, definitely a lightning dodge bypass, perhaps so that you only need one lightning dodge.

Just getting the items directly doesn’t feel right, somehow. I despise Blitzball as much as the next honest person, but I don’t mind sifting through it if players can get the stats to derail the biased randomness.

Don’t sweat the exams. You’re smart enough to program this; you’ll do great. It’s easy to get excellent grades on very little studying anyways, and the best way to exercise the mind for such a task is to keep your activities varied–cramming is never the solution. With eight hours of sleep, seven hours of school (typically less for university), there’s always plenty of time in the day, and with seven days a week, there’s plenty of time to pursue the things you love (like giving back to the community with a Final Fantasy X trainer) and still take care of your responsibilities (work and class). You can do this!


It seems that my stats are not working. Any suggestions I done what it said to do by going to menu, select sphere grid, select character and push M and it don’t seem to be working? Any advice would be helpful.