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FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Just so I got it right it works for both games but just not for ffx-2’s blitzball right??


@DarkestPrayer69 exactly


final fantasy 10. steam version. sphere lvl. increase does not work. tried as soon as sphere grid was unlocked via riku. tired several times after current being at besaid after wakka left me to my own devices. am i too early, doing something wrong, glitch, incompatibility? help?


@provedence Yeah, I’ll fix it in a few days


whoa cool… awesome support @REPPiN :slight_smile: will be waitinig for the update especially for the S.Lv :wink:


@REPPiN Could you make a guide to how everything works for FFX-2 by any chance? Because I get how it works for FFX but stuff like freeze overdrive timer, there’s no overdrives on FFX-2 so what? Would that freeze the timer for the button mashing with the gun shooting? Also there’s the stats boosting, there’s no sphere grid in FFX-2 so what would be the method for increasing your stats? A guide for both games and how to use the program with them would go a long way, video or text or even both would be excellent.

Not saying you have done a bad job mate cause I been here from day one if you remember me asking if I could beta test the FFX-2 trainer for you :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just saying it’s kinda confusing cause of both games are on one trainer but the instructions are for only one of them.


@REPPiN UPDATE: yeah bud I tested both of the overdrive freezes and they don’t stop the clock for the " trigger happy " skill dunno if you could put that in this game or not but if so it would be awesome if not we got the easy kills button but we all know what I was thinking of " 99 chain attack " lol


Any chance of adding A cheat to get all Al Bhed Primers?


@DarkestPrayer69 that’s in my queue man :P, I’ll work on it asap


Thanks, nice work with the trainer by the way. I competed it years ago and wanted to play for the story and not have to worry too much about leveling up.


Just wondering if we can get a cheat to:

  1. Stop the desert digging timer
  2. Get level 5 chocobos
  3. Stop experience gain.
    Would be awesome. Ty for trainer.


Not working for some reason? It makes me close and relaunch the game launcher twice before it makes the sound like the cheats will activate and then when I click on X to play it instead the game launcher just closes.

Am I doing something wrong?


launch the game first


Awesome! Thank you! By chance, any plans to add cheats for the cactar thing in Bikanel or a way to beat that horrible chocobo race? Sooo frustrating…


@REPPiN How’s the coding going for Final Fantasy X-2?? Were you able to get the chain attack timer to freeze??


Has anyone figured out how to get the stat cheats to work? If so, mind telling me how? I’m stuck with level 1 stats and can’t level up at all lol.


This is an awesome trainer but the only problem is that it says X/X-2 Cheats and Trainer and yet it doesnt work for FF X-2 is this something that is being worked on or planned to be

the stat change part of the Trainer will increase the stats but as soon as you look away from any of the characters the stats go back to normal


First of all thanks for the cheats/trainers. I have noticed that sometimes FFX crashes or closes automatically when trying to progress through the main story line with the cheats/trainers active. Worked great up until I got to the first meeting with Dona and Barthello in Kilika, but when I saved and closed the game out and went to play it the next day it just kept crashing/closing out automatically.


FFX trainer are still making this game crash/freeze/close out. Please update these so I can progress through the game with out having to close it out and reopen it every time it crashes with the trainers active. Game works fine with out them active, I have tried.


Can we get an update request, although can we even fill the bar on an update request with old games like this?