App Horizon



Hey man I love it and it works great. But I found one thing. When I use Max items it brings my QP from the Daley event down to 99. Is there anyway to max that out as well along with the AP Gil and experience?


Tried it and still doesnt work for me :frowning:


How come FFXV won’t work with Wemod? it keeps saying that it couldn’t find the game I use Steam by the way
I tried using the latest version which is like from march and its may now…I tried uninstalling wemod installing it again, putting in the direct file but nothing works also I don’t know how dragging the game icon thingy works…


Bruh, it says use the windows version.


Select the game exe. Don’t drag it?


Infinity was working fine up till last week.
Infinity app auto close immediately after my game started to load.
I have re-download infinity couple of time but doesn’t solve the problem.
I have given application access in my bitdefender 2018 for infinity.exe.

Needed help from anyone who has the same problem before or the support team from infinity.

Thank you.


All cheats are ok, but when using the ghost mod, there’s no report cards shown after battles in the game. Another thing which is quite important to me is why this trainer cannot be installed and I have to activate the 1-8 mods using the mouse instead of the keyboard. This is very inconvenient to use.


Hey, keep up great work.
With new update for game just needs update on trainer, no supported versions available for the game, tried with the version guard but the previous build does not work either.


Is an update for The Game Version 05/27/18 planned or necessary. The infinity client says the last Version from march is not supported. Game boots ony to crash before any menu whe being booted via infinity.
Booting via steam works fine.


I can only use one hit kills and unlimited health . If I use any other codes my game crashes . I am playing windows edition


i just tested again. the steam offlinev mode seems to help a lot!


Hey can you update for newer versions last update was March 27 2018 y have May 27 2018


Is there going to be an update and working trainer soon? its not working anymore.


Please update the trainer . Game crashes when i put any of the cheats on???


please a windows version updated would be nice


I activated the ghost mode. How can I use it in the game?


Thank you for all your hard work, could we get a windows store version please? Thanks.


i too would like windows store version just for money (Gil) dont want to spoil my whole game with cheats


The FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


i have the steam windows edition and nothing works :frowning: i even went and selected the exe file not the shortcut