App Horizon



Will this be updated?


Does this work for the Windows Store version?


Infinite health, MP, gil, and magic cheats work with the current steam version but the stamina cheats and fishing line durability don’t. It needs to be updated.


I was able to get infinite gil and AP but XP doesn’t work, I thought if I stayed in a hotel it would start working but it froze the game and it crashed.


Some of the cheats for the game wont work and here are the cheats that dont work: unlimited HP,MP,EZ KILLS,


Thank you so much for this!

I have noticed that Unlimited Stamina isn’t working. Using it on Build revision 1138403. Anybody has a fix for it?


cheats that work fine and been working fine on latest steam version (just tested them)(these are the ones i use anyways)
1.) Unlimited Health
2.) Unlimited MP
3.) Unlimited Stamina
4.) Unlimited Magic
5.) Unlimited Fuel
6.) Unlimited Elemental Energy
7.) Instant Spell Cooldown

for efficiency i use Unlimited MP, Magic & Instant Spell Cooldown at same time

1-hit kill seems to be at capped 9999 damage so on higher health enemies not so much instant kill( i do a crap ton more damage to enemies without 1hit kill enabled


Beat the PS4 version in early 2017 great game had a hard time getting the Cactar trick(fast leveling) to work


doesnt seem to be working on mine


Doesn’t seem to be working on mine, either.


The Menu is no longer working. Can we have a update please


Update ?


pls update this!


I posted sometime last week about this with it being other games as well as this one. But I was having issues with a couple of the games themselves also. I did a total wipe and reinstall of my entire system and all my games and now everything is working properly even without the cheats being updated for the new version of the game.


Jeez. Lucky for you that trainers are working! I just hope that this particular trainer will get updated soon. Until then…I’ll just keep on running in circles around Hammerhead. :smile:


I’m just saying I only got it to work buy formatting and completely reinstalling my entire pc. Might work for you too if you wanna try it.


When will the game trainer be updated? I really would appreciate if it was updated!..


I can confirm that the following cheats are working for me, even though the trainer hasn’t been updated:

Unlimited Chocobo Stamina
Unlimited Tech Bar
Unlimited Items
Unlimited Fuel
Unlimited Elemental Energy
Unlimited Magic
Instant Spell Cooldown
Unlimited Fishing Line Durability
Unlimited Gil

What didn’t work:
Unlimited HP
Unlimited MP
Unlimited Stamina

What I didn’t try:
Unlimited Armiger
Ghost Mode
One-Hit Kills
Unlimited AP
Unlimited XP


Unlimited XP & AP are working too.


Just checked it today and it’s still working for me too.