App Horizon



Nothing happens when i click the thingy
I dont play online but im lookin for another friend i only have like 10. :cry:


Nothing i try seems to allow the cheats to load. Its the steam version and i dont have the hd texture pack installed and other games on infinity load the cheats fine. Just wondering if there is a known fix for this or if it was a problem still being worked on.


I also, still cannot load the cheats. Failed to load message every time. Is this being worked on?


Ok Cool at least it isnt me, everything worked good like 12 hours ago when i was playing but went to bed woke up and noting is loading like the rest of the guys that has posted today.


Great job bro! I’ve been working on just this and you released it and made it 100X easier. Do you think you’ll create a super jump, or fly option?


Had a lot of issues trying to get wemod to initate the game. Took at least 6 tries to get it. However, once the game was finally onboard and connected it was working flawlessly.


Well not flawlessly, I think I activated too many cheats and it crashed heh. I had the unlimited XP cheat which is what I think did it.


apperently it broke


The game had a small patch today so it is a real possibility that it is what broke anything


I still get the “cheats failed to load”. However if I restart Steam and the app, it will sometimes work.


all the patch did was fix an FPS problem with the summons from what it said.


Wait are people using this in Comrads.

Are we allowed to use it on Comrads?


Even when i only want to defeat 1 solo boss


Not sure what Comrads is but I guess it’s an online mode?
If so you can try but you most likely only will get banned


If you wanna get banned ! Its for single player just like all the trainers on here


hey REPPiN I’m having problem getting infinity to recognize that I have ff15 installed, its says game not found but when I point it to the folder then start up the game it says having trouble loading the cheats


Is it from steam ?


Still failing to load for me on Steam. Settings are setup as recommended several tries and still no go. AV disabled along with FIREWALL.

waiting patiently for an update. :slight_smile:


I already sent you the request
Add me whenever you want, I become quite strong, pass you by discord in a private message and now I send you the steam

This is my character right now


if you can use it in comrades without any problem but play offline