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I have a request. Would it be possible to include a time and weather changer? Like change from day to night sooner or sunny to rainy, etc?


I would just ask for a trick and I would get KW more easily in comrades


No.7 One-Hit Kills is actually 9999 damage per hit not one hit instant kills but it’s fine and I’m thankful for that, most importantly I haven’t encounter any CTD using this cheat.

Can I request for a Unlimited QP? QP are points awarded when completed a Timed Quest.


nice, so far


Just treid the trainer… but it still doesn’t work…


can you add a bit more detail? How is it not working(does it detect the game or is it causeing crashes)? which version of the game are you using?(Steam, Origin, or Windows Store)


PC | Steam | Current game version as of 3/14| Game takes a minute to launch, is unresponsive for 10 seconds, then says Unable to load cheats.


It also doesn’t work for me. Im using the steam version of the game.
It used to work until I downloaded the HD pack a few days ago. I had no trouble using it before, but since I have the hd pack installed it says “failed to start game” in infinity. Despite showing the message the game starts without trouble though. However, once I am ingame, I can’t use any of the cheats (nothing happens if I press the assigned keys).


So I was able to use the Unlimited Items in multiplayer, however it also hit my key items for both arms and fashion - therefore giving my x99 of each and removing all items from the shops aside from the default ones. Is there any way I can discard/remove the extras? Also if you can edit the mod to not include Key Items that’d help. I think I have to make a new character now. :frowning:


@HarmlessVictim uninstall hd pack !?

@Konetsuke. You wont get any help here using the trainer for multiplayer. They are for single player use only.
Ya unless you made a save before you modded your character , then no need to start a new one


Says Failed to load cheats for me.

No HD texture pack, disabled shadowplay, disabled discord overlay, removed special k mini-mod. Can’t think of anything else that might be interfering.


@xiaz. Any other mods installed. ? They usually interfere with trainers , is your game from steam ? How bout firewall ? Antivirus ?


i dont know, why unlimited hp and mp didnt work with me


Dude I spend hours dowloading the hd pack, I can’t just discard that…_


im using pirated version and its work

but i got problem with my controler

before using this Trainer i can use my DS4 work on game

after using this trainer i can’t use my DS4 anymore. im trying on demo version, my DS4 worked.

so any possible solution?


the unlimited xp crashes the game for me, i think its better to do like add 5000 or something like that!


try loading the game and ALt+tab to infinity and try starting cheats if it says failed again close infinity and relaunch it while FFXV is running and see if that helps. I had it fail to load cheats before and that fixed it.


They don’t officially support Cracked version of games. it’s possible that is why it is causing problems


never mind it works now


Everything works fine with the 3dm version, but only Inf. Stamina and Gil work on Codex version with HD packs. Does anyone know how to fix?