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i’d love to see that or fixed values


@PotatoBrandon no not for those versions its made for the steam version , its only luck it works for the. " other " versions


Hey guys. I am new to Infinity. So, I am using this for Final Fantasy XV just for the fun of it since I have already conquered the game on the Xbox One. Just playing this on PC to experience the enriched graphics that the PC version has to offer. So far I am loving it! Anyways to the point, I have noticed that the Infinity app on my PC will stop loading in cheats when I have the game in full screen. When I have the game in window mode, the cheats work perfectly fine. Anything up with the full screen mode? And by the way, the trainer is amazing. :slight_smile: Thank you for letting us use it. Edit: I have tinkered around with it some more and I did get it to work in full screen mode. @Hawk, I just wanted to thank you for leaving your tip. I followed your instruction to get Infinity to load the cheats and works great when I close out Infinity and then reload it.


Glad you got it working.


Damn I was hoping this would fix my issue. But it fails to load cheats with fullscreen off as well.


Did you try alt+tab, close infinity, start infinity back up, and then hitting the play button once more while the game was running? That is what I normally had to do. The first time I started it up yesterday it worked just fine. But after that first time, I had to close infinity while the game was running and then bring infinity back up. Loaded them cheats just fine. And then I went full screen and they still worked. So, just gotta try some things out and figure it out. Hope you get it working.


One hit kill isn’t working for me. How come?


Is it possible to cheat the survival skills? Cooking, fishing etc…?


hey thanks for all your hard work. Could you possibly add unlock all outfits and or make stores sell all equipments from chapter 1-9?


So just to be clear. There is no Windows Store trainer and we shouldn’t expect one? Or is that not correct?


I was a pearl with the coach without being corrupted anything in the multiplayer, and advanced to a new story, with new equipment and weapons, skills and bosses like IFRIT


Hey, can someone explain to me why certain mod doesn’t work or am i not doing anything correctly? Stats category works, Unlimited HP,MP,Stamina,Items and some yet to try doesn’t work for me.


infinite hp/mp/stamina doesn’t work others are ok


yeah mine not working either ?


I have done some testing with infinite hp/mp/stamina. They are working for me. I am testing out one-hit kills. So far that cheat is working for me. I have just been using it on small monsters. Will be testing on a boss here soon. Are you guys getting the error message that says that the cheats are not loading into the game? And, are you guys using Inifinity to start up your game? One more question is that did you guys buy Final Fantasy XV through Steam? The trainer is for the steam version of the game. Edit: The one-hit kill seems to work in a way. I wasn’t able to kill demons in one hit, like for example bombs, but the damage I was doing was the max 9999 on them, and I was using only little mage masher daggers which I doubt would normally do 9999 damage on anything. So what the cheat probably mainly does is that it will allow the main character you are playing just deal the max 9999 damage. Second edit: I have noticed though that having one-hit kills cheat turned on causes magic damage to do 0 damage. I don’t know if there would be any possible way to fix that.


any chance we get a freeze timer to the episode prompto time trial or an accelerate speed of the bike on that mode?


HI, thanks for replying. i did not got the game from steam. i got it from codex. what confuse me was some works and some doesn’t so i assume these cheat the doesn’t work is because i didn’t brought it from steam?


Thats correct.


yea mine too i got it from codex also


@CaresX @D33ha Then yes. The trainers on Infinity are mainly for games bought from Steam. I asked on Discord if all trainers on Infinity were for games bought from Steam and one of the mods said yes. So, if you want to use the trainers to their full potential, I recommend buying the games through Steam. You guys are just lucky that some cheats are working for you. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, no problem. Helping out the best I can.