Final fantasy XV Windows Edition

is there any chance Final Fantasy getting a trainer for Window Game Pass?

it will be releasing tomorrow for Game Pass users?

There’s always a chance but the demand VIA votes right now is pretty low so it’s not gonna be a high priority for the moment :slightly_smiling_face:


Feel free to add votes to help it along! :slightly_smiling_face: If it gets up there in votes it’ll definitely be made!

i already did
but One hand cannot clap.

Use your WeMod referral link, found in the desktop app, to invite your friends who play this game too, so that they can vote for a trainer as well. :slight_smile:


all my friend are Xbox Gamers not PC.

but thank you for the advice

Ya this one mite take a little time. Like you said " one hand cannot clap "
But There are other things you can do with one hand.
And probably after its release others will vote too !

i hope so

the game now in the leader-board :heart_eyes:

Looks like we may be getting one pretty soon… i surely cannot wait… already downloaded the game!

Dude, the requests have already passed the amount they put to there they would make the trainer for the Microsoft Store Edition FFXV. The request was 2000 votes, and it now has a little over 2000 votes. Please make this trainer. :?

Be patient @Hygieux. This is not the only game in existence. The trainer makers are busy with other things in their to-do list, for example, games with a lot more votes than FFXV for Windows Version currently has. The three trainer makers at WeMod are humans, not robots. Making a trainer is no easy feat.

I’m trying. My ADHD doesn’t help. sorry and thanks.