Finding Xbox 360 GPD Files

Hi guys. does anyone know on where i can find the GPD files to these games?

I have them all but I can’t be bothered to upload them so just try reply then I might. Get the Title IDs for them to make it easier for me :slight_smile:

Thats the issue. I don’t know what the ID is. I remember years ago. You use to be able to click on the website and copy and paste the 8 digits. I don’t think you can with these cos they ain’t games.

you ever find??/

I’m afraid not. Tried looking on the internet. No one has anything on them. I’m guessing it’s cos they got forgotten about due to the Xbox One coming out

once u have gpd, how you add into your account? I’m trying to do the same with GPD from my old account to my new account, but when i add to my new account, my GS turned on 0… Can you explain to me your method to add please?

This is what is supposed to happen due to the coding. All GPD files reset to 0g. Once you have put the GPD on your profile save and rehash it. Put back on your xbox let it connect to the server so that the servers pick up the GPD. Then put back on your PC then use the achievements tool to start unlocking them.

Now i have all games 0g in my history… can i use leflulle again to reimport gpd instead of unlocked them manually one to one?

EDIT: just tried, reloading gpd in lefluffie same ■■■■, don’t synch achievements… have i unlock them 1 to 1? :OO

EDIT 2: tried with horizon to unlock offline achievements, all the same, after several minutes 0gs and profile corrupted…

at this point, i have no more ideas…

Unfortunately no. They all have to be unlocked again.

When you sync the GPD to the servers and they register to the server. You might need to redownload your profile to get them properly synced to the profile

Just tried with horizon, all achievements offline in a game, after some minutes 0g and profile corrupted…

yeah, synched all 0 games, redownloaded profile, unlocked with lefluffie/horizon… always 0g again