First time hacking/flashing/modding!

im an experienced modder/hacker when it comes to playstation. right now i have a ps3 using multi-man and using nzb files to get my games. but i also see that nzb also has a category for xbox 360! so i decided to get an xbox 360! left 4 dead has always been my favorite. only thing is i don’t know the first thing about doing anything to a 360. can anyone help me out on how i go about getting games through nzb or however else using which mod/hack/flash and tutorials?? It’d be a lot of help!

I’m not familiar with nzb at all. While it may be possible on a 360 you would most likely need a Jtag or RGH modified console as that’s pretty much the only way to run unsigned code, other than Xkey, and flashed disc drive, which is another mod completely.

Edit. I kind of read through your post quickly. You need to determine what disc drive your console has, some are very easy to flash, and others are much harder, with some requiring you to buy a new unlocked PCB board for the disc drive.

@Left4deadprada this is exactly what I told you to do…

Like already said before, you will need some kind of modded console ( this is done on the circuit level ) in order to run any sort of un-sign code (that would be the mod)… And you will probably not find enough help in hardware modding (of that kind) at this forum… But you will probably find a lot of over-all modding help here so you should still stick around.

What type of 360 console do you have? a phat?

$50 Newest cr4, any console insta boot. comes with jrprogrammer v2 to program the nand, and the phat qsbs.

Install guides here For r-jtag+, and here for rgh2+

would rgh2+ work on a Jasper on version 2 dashboard?