First Time User Question

Hi all

First time user of the WeMod app. I am using an Xbox and saw that yhe app works with that console for certain games, but it says I need to download the PC version of the game to start using the cheats for the Xbox version.

Did I get that right?

Sorry if this has been answered already, but Im VERY curious about this too as a new user that wants to go with the pro membership, but Im not sure if it will work with the game.

(For example, if Dead Space 2 said it was available for “PC” via trainers, would that be compatible with the gamepass/ea play version of the game on PC since its using a computer thats not tied to steam, origin etc?)

When using the program, you can see a small icon in front of the game name, for example: Steam logo, Xbox logo or Epic logo.

So you know for which version the trainer is made for.

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WeMod does not work with consoles, it works with the games available through the Xbox app on PC.

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Appreciate the response! What about the logo being a generic “PC”. Could that apply to any launcher such as the above mentioned Steam, Xbox Game Pass, Origin etc. I.E. If you look at Dead Space 3, it will show PC as being one of the trainer options.

Maybe that means it’s the retail only version. That doesn’t appear on platforms.

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Understood. Thanks again for clarifying everybody!