Fist Of The North Star: Ken's Rage Mod Tool?

Hi Guys. Does anybody know if exists a mod tool for Fist of The North Star videogame?


Yes there is two of them, and I am trying to work with one of the developers in making my own.

here they are:

Ken’s Rage Points Tool

Ken’s Rage Stats Tool

Hi. Excuse me but can you explain me how does it work? I opened my gamesave (Hokuto) and i inserted 9999 but after i put it into my usb pendrive when i start again the game everything is still 0…Maybe have i to mod an other file? Or have i to mod it only after the tutorial that start at the begin of the game?
The link you wrote here are for the same tool? In fact i downloaded these 2 files and both are called Ken’s rage Sp Tool…
Please let me know, thank you for you support!!!

one when you open will only max out EVERYONE’s stats. hence, why I named them in the hyperlink.

the tool you are refering to, did you drag and drop your gamesave to open it and did you infact click save? do not use THAT tools max stats, use the other one. (and if you infact did click save which it should have fixed the security[aka rehash/resign] for you. but rehash/resign it anyway) let me know if you have any more problems.

An other thing that i can write you is about the first link you wrote me (Ken’s rage Point Tool). In fact when i open it, there isn’t the button to choose a file to open and mod. I only can open it dragging on the tool…

Thanks again and let me know if the tools are 2 or only one.


those two links are 2 different tools. like I said, One is for points and the other is for maxing out stats. the points will ONLY let you open by dragging and dropping

Ok,thanks to explain me.Well I did it and now it unlocked me dream and versus modality and also some new characters.But, please, what means that the tool is for the points and the stats?What are these points?Are those to upgrade my character in meridians map?I wrote in the tool 9999 up and down (Hokuto shinken and skills etc etc) but when I start the game I don’t have 9999…Sorry if I’m asking you so much… However after I used both the tools I’ve unlocked Rey,Shin,Mamya,Heart and 2 new modalities but all the characters are with the originals power.
If I send you my game save could you mod it for me with all upgraded?
Thank you very much again Slyfuldragon.

This is my original gamesave, please let me know if you can mod it. However, thank you very very very much to help me.

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are you clicking save?

because it really doesnt sound like you are. because if the tool wasnt resigning/rehashing properly then the save would come up as corrupted.

--------->Your Modded Save:<----------
9999 Points and Everyone Maxed Out STATS

Sorry if i’m replying you just now.
However when i used your tool i wrote only up (9999), as you showed me in that picture. In fact, doing so i’ve the same things that i’ve now with my gamesave that you modded (thank you for it…:slight_smile: ). Some new characters, dream and versus modalities but in the meridian map i’ve only 79 points yet. Maybe the tool doen’t work to upgrade those? Let me know and thanks again for your support.

What is That Game? :expressionless:

Hi.Finally i’ve understood what was the problem with my gamesave and so now I’ve all the characters upgraded…In fact I had 2 gamesaves, 1 that starts from the begin and the other from the second stage.Well, to see if I had all the characters upgraded every time I used the second while now using the first I found all upgraded… :slight_smile: And so, excuse me for this trouble and thank you for your patience and support.Have a nice day.

This game is about a fantastic japanese Manga (there is also the cartoon). The game is not the best but is good for all the fans…

I know this is totally the wrong place to put this, but It’s slightly relevant. Has anybody got a gamesave for this with all the characters? Mine got corrupt just before the last two.

yes modio all characters ultimate nexus&_&:slight_smile:

Check how old the thread is before posting. You just super bumped my man.

sorry to bother you, but I seem to be too stupid to crack this software lol. When I mod my save I only get 2 results: only Kenshiro maxed or Kenhiro no longer visible in character selection. Other characters have no changes. And yes I pressed save. Quick question: Is pressing save the only thing I’m supposed to do and leave digits and character max buttons alone?

I just want to finish that pain in the ass Shin story to unlock Rei