[FIXED] Infinity won't download


I had Infinity installed and worked just fine, then I downloaded the Hitman cheat (by mistake) which I had installed already. Infinity closed and didn’t work.
I downloaded the setup again, and ran it.
It got to 100% then I got an error message with a LONG log.



  • I have tried CCleaner registry.
  • I have tried Administrator.
  • I have tried all the different compatibilities (I have Win 10)
  • I have tried without any antivirus.
  • I have tried other pages here.
  • I have tried deleting the appdata folder.
  • I have tried restarting the computer then tried everything mentioned here
  • I have tried multiple Infinity-Setup.exes

And nothing worked



2017-10-15 15:27:26> Program: Install path C:\Users\brage\AppData\Local\Infinity already exists, burning it to the ground 2017-10-15 15:27:26> IEnableLogger: Failed to remove existing directory on full install, is the app still running???:
These are the most relevant lines out of the log.
You said you deleted that folder but apparently it’s still there.
Delete that one and try again. Also be sure that Infinity is not running (check task manager)

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Thanks for the help.
I tried restarting four times (before I saw this), and the installer worked the forth time for some reason.

You’re welcome