Flaming Retro Lancer?

How do I get it? I have it unlocked (somehow) but I don’t see a description on how its unlocked.

It just randomly unlocked.

Play any match in multiplayer between Sep. 20-26, at least for the golden lancer.

I’m not sure if this is what you’re talking about, but here.

same here, I randomly unlocked it. Then it locked its self somehow lol.

Its not even supposed to be in the game…

This is also correct for the Flaming Retro from what I know.

Why not?

From what I’m reading.
There’s no specific way to unlock it.

Oh I believe this answers your question,

“Flaming Lancer-Unlocked for playing in the second week of the “Gears of War 3″ beta”


Edit: didn’t know there was a difference :S

Apparently theres more than 1 way of unlocking it, and has everyone concerned. I have it, you have it. Leave it. :wink:

Only I didnt get mine until I played online? I “had” everything in BETA unlocked…

Uhh, I said Retro Lancer…

No this if for normal lancer. He got the retro lancer one and this is weird I don’t have it

No Flaming Retro was the only flaming weapon not in the Beta.

It’s unknown to unlock, Cody having it is a mystery even to me… Did you do Insane campaign maybe?

Then it’s probably a reward for something you did in the beta, so many kills or whatever.

I think this is a new account he is using since his main was banned

I’m banned from the beta.

Cody i hate to say this. But can you show proof?


Everyone I asked say you should get it during the first week of playing… I’m not sure if you just got it early? Maybe they will give it after the week has ended or something weird?

Wait… Did you buy the skin super pack thing?.. If so that might be why?

On iPhone sorry, merge please.

I did not, I only bought rainbow, pink, and tiger.

Mhm beats me sorry man.

Maybe you ha4ckoz0z0z0z it.