Flash Drive not configure

Why can’t Horizon read my flash drive?
I tried everything:
Formatting to Fat 32 and NTFS
Trying different ports

I hope someone say to me anything!!

Try running Horizon as Administrator. Right click on the Horizon shortcut icon to get that option.

i am having the same issue

Are you guys formatting it with the xbox?

hey guys,i bought a nice 64gb flash drive to use for my modded saves and couldnt get it to work either…turns out it has some internal restrictions written into it and i cannot use it for the xbox .
I can plug it into pc and download movies onto it and then plug it into my tv,works fine but put it back into xbox and configure etc it still will not work.It is deffinitly locked out somehow so i bought a different brand and that one works fine.

I did and when I when I plug it into my computer it pulls up but my horizon doesn’t recognize it. I can see the save file in my file manager but not on horizon. Can you tell me what type of flash drive it will recognize?

format it on your 360.

Horizon doesn’t care what type of USB it just needs to be formatted on your Xbox 360.

I really tried to format it on xbox and it finally was cofigured on horizon!!