Flash phillips liteon DG-16ds4s

i have a xbox 360 i want to flash
its a phillips liteon
model: DG-16ds4s
FW 9504
HW Ver: A0A0

post links please help me!!!

Download the jungle flasher tutorial, you will need to RGH it first to recover the CPU key and will also need an unlocked PCB.

i cant find the jungle flash software.

and the team xecuter website is down :anguished:

also can you post link on where to buy the unlocked pcb?

Pretty sure you’re going to need the probe also while doing this.

any links to tutorials?

Oh that’s a slim drive, didn’t know that. Those are pretty hard to flash if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here is a quick tutorial I found Googling it quick.

Dont need to rgh for most 4s actually, jungle flasher can pull the key from them.

I thought after a certain update all of them needed it. Either way reading a tutorial is the best way, I haven’t flashed a console in a couple of years now.

No it was after a certain update the drive became write protected and you need to drill/sputnik to unlock it

you don’t need probe for dg16d4s , just the pcb… get these at modchip central… in junglrflasher select the dvdkey tab… make sure your drive is listed, click the slim key tab… when it ask if u want to send unlock say no… then just click save to all that pops up… it will retrieve your dvd key… then go back to mtk flash intro the drive, then read the drive n save the info. now put on your replacement pcd hook back up n load junglefalsher re intro the drive , unlock spi. go to firmware tool tab… click open source tab pick your saved drive info… on target select tab and load firmware for your drive, click spoof source to target. this injects your dvd key… go back to myk flash select write… once that finishes click outro tab… click re lock spi , ignore the sputnick if it says something…just click yes… put drive back in xbox… enjoy latest version of jungleflasher at jungleflasher.net

all you need for a probe is a switch …some wire…and a spikey piece of metal…you can make it with crap in your house … i made one this morning from a spare drives power cable + a piece of wire from a laptop charger + a switch from a handheld fan + a picture frame hook screw thing.

*** paying money for one.

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